Професионална почистваща техника, препарати и автомивки на самообслужване

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We serve our clients to achieve efficiency and excellence in their operations by providing them a wide range of products, ideas and solution tailored to their needs and problems in the field of cleaning, hygiene, maintenance and repair service, meeting the highest standards of quality, sustainability and concern for human health and the environment.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • seeking to achieve a relationship of trust and cooperation
  • individual approach to each client
  • the right product at the right time and place
  • maintaining and building a distribution network throughout the country
  • by continuous learning and improvement to meet the expectations of our customers
  • affirming values and maintain standards of sustainable development
  • using reasonably and responsibly the available resources and add greater value to consumers
  • honoring our clients, employees and suppliers and value them as partners.

but above all we stick to the golden rule:

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you”

Vision and Values


- To be a nationally represented company and to have a close and constructive relations with all customers.

- To be socially responsible company with sustainable development that changes the world for good, and in which employees find their calling, manifest and fully develop their talents and skills, and their dreams come true.


  • Faith - Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Heb. 11-1
  • Enthusiasm - to accept with confidence our purpose to serve others and to do it with full joy.
  • Trust - to be ready to go even an extra mile with our partners
  • Continuous learning - Education is achieved once but improvement is lifelong
  • Innovation - to love what you do and to love those whom you do it.
  • Commitment - to work hard for the successful performance of the company and for its future
  • Family - wealth is passed down through the generations
  • Initiative and team working - to imagine, to plan, to fulfill, to enjoy together .


  • To distribute and maintain the influence of high ethical and moral values in society and business.
  • To have representatives in several regions of the country.
  • To better understand the most current and future needs of our customers and provide quick and innovative solutions and products.
  • To build a highly effective logistical center for industrial products.
  • To create the production of innovative products

За автомивки и автосервизи

Ние предлагаме пълната гама продукти, професионални машини, оборудване за автомивки и автосервизи и сервиз на всеки клиент индивидуално, спрямо неговите нужди и потребности.

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За индустриални предприятия

Кемитрейд предлага на своите клиенти богата гама от професионални почистващи препарати, препарати за обезмасляване на детайли, аерозолни смазки, каши за ръце, течни сапуни, професионална почистваща техника, машини за почистване със суха пара.

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За хотели, ресторанти и магазини

Кемитрейд предлага богата специализирана продуктова гама от почистващи и дезинфекциращи препарати, отговарящи на хигиенните изисквания и потребности в заведенията за рехабилитация, отдих и забавления.

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За контакти

гр.Стара Загора 6000
ул ."Калояновско шосе" 16
Търг.център – Новотехпром
тел: 359 42 92 84 49
Мобилен: +359 887 997 826

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